On 18 June 2016, Fundudzi Camp was handed over to the Primary Co-operative. Hosted by their chairman, Mr Singo, and addressed by Chief Tshivadsi, on behalf of the paramount Chief, the guests were given a sense of where the project has come from, as well as an understanding of the environmental standards underpinning the project. Thanks to the EU and the project administrators CESVI were given by all present.


Warming the drums

Warming the drums, ahead of the arrival of the Chief


Addressing the guests

Mr Singo, Chairman of the Primary Co-op, addresses the guests.


Community members

Members if the local community joined in the celebrations


Cutting the ribbon

Mr Singo, Chairman and Chief Tshivadsi perform the ceremonial ribbon-cutting.



The VIPS of the day: Members of staff, the Primary Co-Op and members of the Traditional Authority all join the CESVI project manager in celebration.



Ribbons were cut – and then made in to medals; one for each camp. By day four, the project team all had four ribbons on their chests.


Revamped rooms

Revamped rooms with linen and new beds.



Now with en-suite shower, vanity and toilet


Going home

Strong women going home.

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