GreenLine Responsible Tourism Programme & African Ivory Route

What is GreenLine?

The African Ivory Route is proud to announce that we have embarked on an exciting journey to improve environmental practises and awareness in and around our camps. In 2015 we have adopted the GreenLine Responsible Tourism Programme that has been developed to recognise and reward operators of smaller accommodation establishments that have committed their businesses to less environmentally harmful operating standards and to greater respect for the environment. It represents an independent sign of good environmental practice and gives you the traveller an assurance of added quality when planning your next trip.

GreenLine has been developed from the South African National Responsible Tourism Standard (SANS1162) and the Heritage Environmental Rating Programme, Africa’s leading tourism-based environmental management initiative.

The National Responsible Tourism Programme was introduced during 2014 only as a voluntary programme across South Africa however the African Ivory Route has decided adopt it now and to comply with the new standards that will come into effect in the future.

So what does this all mean?

In managing the African Ivory Route as a professional and environmentally conscious enterprise, and acknowledging the impact that our operations may potentially have we are committed to:

  1. Preventing pollution, reducing waste and ensuring wherever practical measures are implemented to protect and preserve natural habitats, flora and fauna
  2. Minimising the use of resources such as energy, water and materials
  3. Reducing, reusing and recycling waste generated by the business as far as is practical
  4. Considering the effect that our operations may have on the local community
  5. Taking action to eliminate or reduce as far as practicable any potentially adverse environmental impacts
  6. Promoting environmental awareness amongst our suppliers, contractors and partners by implementation of operational procedures
  7. Seeking to work in partnership with the community by behaving in a confederate and socially responsible manner
  8. Achieving sound environmental practices across the entire operation
  9. Provide all employees with training and the resources required to meet all our environmental objectives

GreenLine is a division of the Heritage Environmental Management Company.  Heritage will assist the African Ivory Route to meet the standards and the certification that we are aiming for.

green line